A Space for My Music..

Music…this term has been an integral part of my life. It has been beyond best friend,philosopher, guide, teacher or whatever crucial element one can ask for to have a best- if not better way of living! Music made me think, live, experience and understand emotions which could not have been possible even by reading hundreds of books or interact with countless people!

Can anybody exactly describe the experience in hearing a Maestro Ilaiyaraaja song/Background score, Thyagaraja Krithi, Pt. Jasraj’s voice, Yanni’s instrumentals, Kenny G’s saxophone, M.S.Subbulakshmi’s Bhaja Govindham, Marc Anthony’s melodious voice, John Williams’s soundtrack or any other Music piece/ song which has been created by Music geniuses we have? It is indeed proven that Music changes life for good and makes the person hopeful about existence or simply get refreshed from the daily chores of life!

Coming to Swara, thanks to the enormous influence of Music right from age I started understanding the simplest things in life, I always loved to sing and perform on stage. Performing on stage in front of people who yearn to hear some good music is something really overwhelming and a never-fading experience! The more a person performs, the more a person feels to perform on stage- That is the tremendous power of Music! This natural instinct of Singing/Performing on stage led me start this blog where I can not only post my performances till date but also share some of the interesting incidents which took place while preparing or formulating for these programmes.

Though I already have an exclusive Music discussion blog, a general blog and a Telugu Movie blog which I am co-authoring, Swara will always remain to be special and I am very excited to write more about the Music which influenced/influencing/will influence my life!

Swara- A place where the Music never stops!

Stay tuned for more posts here!



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2 responses to “A Space for My Music..

  1. pavan

    its just the beginning and i wish you all success

  2. jp

    Dear Navya,

    It seems you are hit with writing bug. Good going. Liked this blog. But can’t it be merged with Anantham as it covers everything.

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